DFP: Jelang Interview CX (part 2)

Hello fellow hopefuls, how are you today? Semoga kalian sehat dan moodnya terus terjaga dengan baik sampai hari interview dengan Cathay Pacific (CX) ya. Anyway, ada beberapa email dan sms yang masuk meminta supaya dibuat summary tentang pembaca forum yang ikut interview. Mungkin pusing juga kali ya melihat setiap komentar yang masuk di beberapa artikel hanya untuk mencari teman satu round interview.

Anyway, these are the names of fellow wannabes who will attend CX interviews conducted on 11-14 May 2011. Find your interview mates now ^^

# 11 May 2011

8.30 AM
1. Novie
2. Sri
3. Ilsye
4. Popo
5. Kawe
6. Mag

9.15 AM
1. Ling
2. Lau
3. Kiki
4. Ian Putra

10.00 AM
1. Christy
2. AW
3. Someone called himself/herself “Me”
4. Hildi
5. Phia (*double-scheduled also on 13 May)

# 12 May 2011

8.30 AM
1. Prissia
2. Fritz

9.15 AM
1. Duck
2. Elsa Anis
3. Man
4. Putri
5. Yun
6. Ivan
7. Freshy

10.00 AM
1. CM
2. Gemma
3. LH

*Unknown time
1. Newbie

# 13 May 2011

8.30 AM
1. Jimmy

9.15 AM
1. FP Admin
2. E-huney

10.00 AM
1. Vira
2. Phia (*double-scheduled also on 11 May)
3. Devie
4. Shiny

10.45 AM
1. Singgih
2. Phiez

*Unknown time
1. RRS
2. Diah

# 14 May 2011

8.15 AM
1. Dee
2. Ai

9.00 AM
1. Andy FZ
2. Whanyta Ananto

9.45 AM
1. smi_lee4
2. Ferdy Chow
3. Will

10.30 AM
1. EW
2. Male
3. Alex
4. Ed

11. 15 AM
1. Anz
2. Andy

*Unknown time
1. Mel

**Other wannabes who are also invited but didn’t mention their exact day and date of interview: Setia, Agan, Wats and Won.

***Contacting friends: You are allowed to leave your FB and Twitter urls here, but please do not leave personal contacts such as phone numbers and email addresses. Thank you and wish you all the best for the interview πŸ™‚

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63 comments to “DFP: Jelang Interview CX (part 2)”
  1. Hi, actually I was just a silent reader so far, until I got the guts to ask you guys some question. Well, I’m a male and yes I have the acne problem like most of the people have. Plus, I’ve got this some kind of scar on my face, I got it when I had measles (chicken pox) when I was young, it’s a small circle keloid under my face like 0,5 cm diameter. And I’m still wondering whether it still going to be just fine? Or I’m in a big trouble? If I were a girl I can simply put a foundation or what you called it is to blur the scar and acne, but I believe that it’s going to be such a joke for a guy using a foundation. They’re gonna ask your gender twice to make sure that they didn’t wrong on reading your resume. And the worst is yet to come, I tried to look neat and cut my hair, but it was really short, like real short that you can see my scalp, it’s a totally bad hair day. Oh I’m in a mess. So the question is, should I move on???

    Last question, regarding the passport sized photo that we have to bring do you guys going to bring a half body photo or full body photo? I was just curious since they didn’t mention it in the invitation.

    Thanks ! Have a blast day you folks !

    • Dear Incognito,

      Hi there, I am Alex… Well.. Never judge your self that you are in a mess way or in a trouble time..

      My side said that you should keep moving when ever the problems are facing you. as you know that not all people are being invited by CX. You should take the opportunity to pursue your dream. Again and Again Physic is not number one to be lookd by CX but how much the excellent services that you are able to provide to CX….

      Sooo Keep semangat ya…



  2. @incognito: kalo menurut gw sih ga masalah ya,, yg penting dateng aja lagian kan yg nentuin masuk apa ngga nya mereka…jarang juga muka orang mulus kaya porselen…dont be so scare it just a little thing..mendingan focus sama hal2 yg lebih penting buat interview bsk..
    kalo masalah foto kayanya ukuran passport berarti pasphoto gt…4×6… ya gw sih bikin nya setengah badan…

  3. Hai, I just want to inform all of you who wish to join with I’ntl airlines, currently I worked as cabin crew of lufthansa before I previously work for gulf air after 6 yrs and I give up with middle eastern airlines, ok I’ll not telling about my experiences as cabin crew but I would like to invite all of you to join with lufthansa, they are now looking for flight attendant, you all can applied online from their website, I found this blog’s because my friend suggest me to share my info here,

    for all cabin crew wannabe’s Wish you all the best!!!

    best regards


  4. Zephry : you still can applied for lufthansa even though you can’t speak deutschland, I join lufthansa with poor knowledge about deutscland so don’t worry about the language as far as you english is fluent you still can applied ^^,

    Cm : all passport accepted, I am from korea and now I work with them, the list you see is only from countries that have a border treaty with germany, so don’t worry about your nationalities, lufthansa welcome all cabin crew from around the world, and anyway they did write fluent deutschland but not necessarily if your english is good enough,

    Good Luck ^^

    • okay, thanks a bunch sunny, i was worried since I found in a blog that states that the training will be conducted in German, then I thought the requirement goes subsequently. Glad to hear your information, surely I’ll give it a try.

      • depend on dear, when they training deutschland then they will use germany language but my experience for other nationalities they conducted with english, all will go by first language you speak. for asia like korea and indonesia many can’t speak or know well germany. be confident!!! all will going great ^^

      • thanks a lot sunny, I’ve completed the application for Modell A (intercontinental), chance to reside either in Frankfurt or Munich and works for Lufthansa really excite me a lot πŸ™‚

  5. mau tanya donk buat kandidat CC cewek pas interview apa boleh pake stoking warna kulit? soalnya kemaren interview korean air ga boleh, need info thx u πŸ™‚

  6. For all of you who follow Cathay interview, be confident and give good answers and show that you deserve to be one of their cabin crew. Cathay,like minded people who are spacious and have great ideas, so when they asked for a discussion group, give your best answer and of course by showing that you are a dynamic and active person.

    Wish you all the best!!!

    see yaa in skies

  7. Male, Ed, Alex

    We are all in the same time slot. Hope to see you guys there.. really excited. RRS, where have you been, haven’t seen any of your msg on my inbox.

    Good luck guys.

    • sorry bro, i dont know to coming or not, my passport isn’t finish yet, eventually i’d already applied 8 days ago via online to immigration office, n till now they still didn’t notified me, what a bureaucracy #exhale. coz my cousin said that cx really stricted about documents.

      anyway, go get the clouds lads…..haha.
      may fortune always on your side”.

      • Me too at the same time with you guys… See you there…

        @Male: I think you can negotiate with them about this… It should be OK… Just come since you get the invitation, don’t let go of it πŸ™‚

    • Hey Ew πŸ™‚

      Oh how I wish i could meet up with you guys there and maybe even get to know all of you guys better…!
      But well, I guess it’s true what they say, things, inevitably, don’t always go exactly the way you want them to, regardless how important and crucial they are to you and your life and how severely it might affect or even hurt you if they somehow, unbeknownst to you, all of the sudden get uncontrollably out of hand and start falling apart — And yeah they say that’s supposedly the thing that makes life all so interesting and fascinating to live.

      Yeah, right.

      After an extremely long series of confusing and soul-consuming considerations and a seemingly endless process of excruciating hemming and hawing, I finally had to make a very painful decision to unwillingly, definitely, abandon this wonderful right-in-front-of-my-face opportunity and not attend the interview because of this silly, ridiculous reason that I don’t have my original passport with me now which I can’t really explain why here.

      So, too bad for me.

      Okay, to tell you the truth, I’m still not 100% sure about my decision. So, if it’s alright, I would like to know what you guys think. Yes, I do not have my passport and yes, I have done my homework and forced all the living cells in my brain to think of any possible way I can do to change that and no, apparently there’s nothing I can do about it. However, I DO have a copy of it. Like a photocopy of that front page that I guess is the most important part of a passport as it contains all your information. So, please help me out guys, should I go or should I not?

      Nonetheless, I wish you all the luck in the world, Ew, Male, Alex and certainly all the invited wannabes too! I hope everything will go beyond perfect for you guys! Good luck! Jia you! Ganbatte! πŸ™‚

      Best Regards,


      • @ed,
        wihh bhs inggris lo oke banget bro, i think u should come, take a chance haha.

        note: gw jg lom ad paspor bro, tp dipikir-pikir dateng aje, itung2 nyobain tes jd FA, plus latihan bhs inggris, hehe.

      • Ed,
        My heart goes with you!

        There thousand of people dying to be invited. You shouldn’t waste this rare opportunity.

        You might have left your passport somewhere,I washed my passport once (LOL).. It doesn’t matter, what matters is that you have a valid excuse why you couldn’t bring along your passport on that day and how you convince the interviewer that you’ll have it in near future. But again, it is not the end of the world.

        Well that’s just my two cents.

        It took me a long and mind battling process to decide to go for this interview. After a thorough analysis between gain and loss, I decided to go. As one says, when one door close another door is open for you.

        You should, you definitely should.

        In the same boat,

  8. Bagi yg passpor blum jd sebelum hari H lebih baik datangi kantor imigrasi segera dan temui bg.perizinan dan jelaskan kpd mereka tentang kebutuhan kalian menggunakan passpor. Seperti yg aq lakukan dan bzk aq sdh siap menuju chathay.

  9. hello smua,,,salam knal…feel so glad that i found thz forum, newbie and fa wannabe juga,,,hehe..
    for jimmy, c u on the floor bro, i got d schedule was same with u, on lucky 13th May 8.30…ukhhh getting nervous already…:)
    wish all of us gt luck ya guys,,Amin…

  10. hi semuanya, saya mau tanya nih, kemarin di tesnya apa aja ya? kalo yang arm reachnya ga nyampe 208 di keluarin langsung atau gimana?

    soalnya bingung aja, di surat lamaran saya bilang armreach saya 204 tapi tetep dapet panggilan interview. terus saya email mereka nanyain hal ini tapi mereka balesnya cuma bilang arm reach 208 itu basic requirement. jadi bingung aja kenapa di panggil kalo saya ga memenuhi criteria. mo dateng juga ragu2 soalnya saya dr Bandung.


  11. Hai lex, i have the same case with you πŸ™‚
    Aku arm reachnya bisa ke 208 tp harus jinjit. Aku aja msh bingung dateng apa ga coz aku dr bogor jg.
    Klw di SQ sih klw ga reach height 158 langsung di suruh keluar. tp klw di cx ga ngerti jg.
    km tesnya kpn?

    • Dear Ai

      tiptoeing is allowed. they will even ask you to do so if you can’t reach the 208cm mark on the wall. anyway, you should come and give it a try. good luck πŸ™‚

  12. @CHRISTY : thanks a lot for a good news frm u. yuuup, finally i decided to come to follow the test. and Wish do the best that i can πŸ™‚

  13. Hai guys, buat tanggal 14 besok ada yang dapet jam 8.15 ga? Gw dapet jam sgitu, deg degan ni besok, see u there guys πŸ™‚

  14. hallo, besok gw juga ada undangan dari cathay jam 9.45. ada yg bareng ga?
    tapi masih ragu mau dateng atau ga. soalnya aku gendut (kayanya besok lgsg pada tau gw yg mana.. ahaha)

  15. Aku sudah ikut interview CX hari jumat (13 mei) aku hanya lolos sampai Group Discussion kedua. Aku grogi. Terbata-bata & blank. Jadi nyesel sendiri. Sebelumnya belum pernah ikut interview FA, jadi ini bener2 pertama kali.

    Step-stepnya, mengisi form-carreer talk-group discussion part1- istirahat sampai jam 2/jam 3- group discussion part 2-dan masih ada satu tahap lagi kalau ga salaj. Kalau hari itu kalian lolos, akan dpt panggilan 5 hari setelah hari interview kalau ga salah. Habis final interview, medex dan.. Jadi deh FA CX.

    Aku sendiri kurang all out waktu menjawab, kekurangan dari aku sendiri. Jadi semoga teman-teman semua bisa lebih tenang, fluent, & percaya diri. Karena kalau kalian lolos, masa depan yg CERAH menantimu!

    GOOD LUCK!! :*

  16. Oh iya, setelah ikut Group Discussion itu, aku mendapat kartu kuning bertuliskan : Your application is under consideration. If you have not received an invitation for the next recruitment stage within 2 weeks from today, you may consider your application unsuccessful.

    But, hmmm..
    Is it true? Or it is just the other way to say “sorry we’re not hiring you”? Hehe.. Sedikit membuat berharap-harap cemas ya?

  17. Aku juga dapet kartu kuning yang bertuliskan your application is under consideration , sad banget ga lulus, kemungkinan kecil untuk d panggil lagi ;( good luck for those who pass the test. Semangat ya

  18. hello everyone,
    for those who have passed the test, I congratulate u all. Since luckily I’ve passed the test as well, I have several questions regarding the documents needed such as ktp,kartu keluarga, and ijazah that should be all in English.I don’t think with only 3 days left (final intvw will be conducted on 17 May) I have enough time to arrange them all. Any idea? Thank you.

    • hi Ge,,,

      same with me,i’ll come for 16 may tomorrow…about all document should be in english all.i asked to one of recuitment team if i not wrong to miss wendy,she said that if you cannot bring all document at the day,it still can be consider because of limited time,but if next you get chance until the end of recruitment proccess you should try hard to provide all documents in english…

  19. Teman-teman dan admin, aku mau tanya, Cathay Pacific biasanya mengadakan interview FA di Jakarta berapa tahun sekali?
    Kata kata teman saya 3 tahun sekali. Jadi kalo tahun ini gagal harus tahun 2014 baru bisa coba lagi. Betul tidak ya? Mohon reply ya. Thanks a lot! πŸ™‚

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