Cabin Crew’s Story: Miracles Do Exist!

Sandy in Mumbai, India

I’ve always wanted to travel the world, some of my friends think that I was kind of crazy or whatsoever as a long time ago I didn’t know how to make it come true after a while. When I was in High school, my friend told me that she really wants to be a flight attendant and I said, what’s good about it, still at that time I didn’t realize that it would lead me to my ultimate dream, discovering and seeing this beautiful world.

Until I decided to take hospitality as my major in college, I still didn’t really know what would I do after graduating. I’ve been so curious about the airline industry and that curiosity led me to a lot of research about it and I think I fell in love with it and started to make it a firm goal, being a Flight Attendant.

I finally finished my education and started applying for jobs. I was working in a hotel as a part-timer since I still don’t want to be tied up by the bond and still seek for a greater opportunity ahead. One day, my friend told me to apply for a ground staff position in a popular Indonesian low cost airline. Well, I didn’t make it though and I felt so down, I didn’t know what to do until the other month I tried my luck out for our flag carrier, Garuda Indonesia. It left me with nothing but rejection and rejection.

It made me feel so down but then I didn’t know from where the spirit came from, I tried my other luck, this time I put some hopes in it. I applied for Airasia, and made some friends there. The selection processes were very smooth and I was so confident at that time that they would let me in. Days by days passed by and the good news came before hand. It was the final interview and I was quite nervous at that time, but I could still manage my time and did it quite well.

They called me up again and told me to do the medical check! I was so happy at that time.. We were all gathered together and had a briefing outside. I was waiting for the result, days by days have been passed and they told me to complete all the documents for the visa to Malaysia. I was so happy until I found out that there was a mistake and they couldn’t let me in.

That time, I felt like crying. I have put all my hopes in it and it just went away by the wind blow. I couldn’t be more sad than that.

But again, I didn’t know where my new and stronger spirit came from. My friend told me that Cathay Pacific Airways is hiring in Jakarta soon and he told me to send the CV to the email given in the website. Well, I didn’t put a lot of hopes, I expected much less as I know that competition would be even tougher this time. Anyway, I tried my luck and I just went for fun that day. They emailed me back and told me to attend the interview at the given date.

Sandy with his classmate, Agnes

The first light of hope came from up there. I went to Jakarta and attended the interview in Crown Plaza Hotel. There were a lot of applicants that day, somebody said that it was roughly 4,000 applicants. Can you imagine, 4000 wannabees! Well again, I didn’t expect much about it, just do the routine, they gave us introduction and we went for the one of interesting parts and the first cut was the arm reach test.

I made it of course and we were then divided into some groups and had a discussion. Another cut, we went to the 2nd stage which was English debate, I made it again! Well, I thought that was just my luck! Then I went for the computerized English test which was kind of hard, then they gave us an appointment for the final interview.

I went back home with a little hope but I was not brave enough to put more expectation in it. Whatever will be, will be. I finally came for the final interview. We had to complete the documents required and proceeded to the computer to have the psychometric test before being called up for the individual final interview. I was so nervous, my heart was beating so fast and I kind of lost my breath. However, I should be calm because it might affect my performance later on. I managed to calm myself and did the interview naturally as if we were on a casual business meeting or whatever it was and managed to answer the questions well.

The recuriter told me to wait outside and follow him back to the room to fill the working visa, I was like, “Eh? Is this for real? Is it the end of the process?”

I was given out a paper for the medical check up and came some 2 weeks later for it. I counted the days and started to put some hopes in it, some expectations in it. Well, I was not brave enough to put 100% hopes but somehow I felt so easy, if I didn’t get it then it should be fine, because I know God has another plan for me later.

Time has passed by, we had a group of wannabees in my Blackberry. Some of them started receiving notifications from Cathay Pacific. It didn’t took really long until all of them had been notified to attend the pre-departure briefing, while me? Not yet. I was not feeling so down at this moment, I was just feeling easy. If that’s for me then I’d definitely get it but if it’s not, then I should let it go.

Later I found out, they emailed me to send the copy of my educational certificate and training certificate, I was thinking, “Would there be a chance?” and later I found out again that earlier, I submitted the wrong document so the process was a little bit delayed and after I send it, finally, finally, the wait is over and they emailed me to attend the pre-departure briefing together with the others!

I was feeling so happy, I didn’t know if I would make it. You know, I always believe in miracles. Miracles do exist. It just takes time, it takes patience and later on if you keep on trying and believing, you’ll definitely get it.

I wrote it on my blog, just after being in Hong Kong for several weeks, “One day, I’ve dreamt of living a whole new life, a whole new experience and living the dream itself. I always believe if miracles do exist in this life and GOD has tailored us a beautiful journey. I was so down before and then something has awaken me and told me to keep being positive and believing that something magical could happen any time soon.

Well, it was the time where I decided to step on a big journey of my life, one of my greatest or even THE GREATEST moment of my life as I’m going to live my dream to soar up high in the sky. The nerve wrecking moment has passed by and now I’m trying my best to be the best to soar up high in the sky, to explore the world!!

Everything doesn’t come cheap! We need to aim high, work hard and pray hard of course to be what we desired us to be. Whenever I open my room’s curtain, I feel so blessed and feel that I want to cherish this moment indefinitely. Hong Kong has given me a chance to live my dream and tailor a beautiful journey, beautiful friendship, beautiful people, beautiful moment! I feel the excitement of writing more beautiful stories about beautiful places, cultures and people and that what makes me keep going through all the hardships I encounter and of course the endless love and blessing from God and lovely people in my life.

Best of luck for everything for me, for you and for everyone and never stop dreaming, never stop believing and never stop trying as miracles do exist! <3″

*Visit Sandy’s blog to read his journey as a flight attendant on The Chronicles of Turis Gembel (click this link)

Sandy in Amsterdam

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9 comments to “Cabin Crew’s Story: Miracles Do Exist!”
  1. Wow Sandy ! Its truly good story 😀 I like the way you see the miracles as something that lead you to the way what you were dreaming of and now you’ve made it !
    Btw, When you were in High school, your friend told you that she really wants to be a flight attendant, how about she now? Is she a FA now ? (i just wondering whether a high school graduate has the same chance as fresh graduated) Thanks.

  2. cool story !!! i wanna to be a flight attendent,,,,

    sandy,maybe u hve advice for me,,before i follow the test to be FA … 🙂
    cause thats my dream ,, !!1 plis reply it

    terimakasih 🙂

  3. hi all, sorry baru bales, 1st kalo tips tips sih just be yourself, dress neatly, well groomed, banyak senyum and just do your best and let god do the rest! kalo pake behel + softlens gpp kok it’s still acceptable, recruitment lagi belum tau so far kita lagi stop recruiting 🙂 good luck

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